Jasmin Santanen 2012

Posted the 12 June 2012 by Kai

uberraum filmed the Jasmin Santanen fashion show during the Paris Designer Days 2012.

Production: Sophie Lambert
Camera: Thuy Nguyen, Andrew Brooke, Hanna Besirevic
Edit: Hanna Besirevic

Sephora – DNA

Posted the 11 June 2012 by Kai

We are happy to announce that we just received a mission from Brain for Beauty to create a mood film for Sephora, the well known international perfume and cosmetics chain, to illustrate their DNA.

Dom Pérignon 2013

Posted the 10 June 2012 by Kai

We just finished 3 mood films for Dom Perignon. Unfortunately since these illustrate the strategies for 2013 we can not really show them here.

The films are a very dense mixture of motion graphics and 3d animation. We filmed a small part of it at Bellanopolis studios, which gave us the pleasurable experience of tasting the Dom Perignon Rosé.

For my part, it was the first time I drank any kind of rosé champagne, for which I had an ill conceived prejudice. To my great surprise I have to say that, after tasting it, it easily holds its ground against its white brother. The color is a beautiful amber, the taste round and refined with just enough tingling texture and just enough bubbles to slightly tickle your taste butts, but no more. I have to say tasting Dom Perigon rosé completely changed my attitude towards rosé in general. It’s not cheap, but worth every penny.

Thank you, Dom Perignon, for having trusted us with your mood films for the last four years, and giving us from time to time the opportunity to taste your products.

Happy Birthday Maria

Posted the 9 June 2012 by Kai

All our best wishes to one of our founding “mothers” Maria Spahn. Maria has been with uberraum from the first hour, besides her extreme talent for stage design, she is our unbeaten star for live edits. She is currently in charge of most of our German events and spends most of her time traveling between Paris and Germany…


Telecommunications in France

Posted the 8 June 2012 by Kai

Our office is located in the heart of Paris, which has its advantages and great disadvantages… One of the later is the fact that we are reliant on French telecommunication suppliers, all of which we have tested are more or less incompetent… Here a brief listing of our experiences, which I hope might help other internationals in dealing with the problem. Any advice or suggestion is of course very welcome.

The national carrier. Besides being very expensive. The iPhone reception in Paris is medium at best. 30% of all calls I had to continue on landlines due to disruptive or dropped calls. The ADSL connection must be one of the slowest on the market. We had two iPhones with them and a ADSL connection, phone and fax, and received each month 5 separate bills from them. Although we asked for the bills to be combined, this simple request was not possible. The technicians are rather hopeless… One came in to fix a neighbors bad reception, and for a whole day kept switching our and the neighbors phone line, resulting in us receiving the neighbors calls and vice versa. After a full working day (well for them that is 6 hours) he re-established the lines as they were before. So my neighbor still has the crackeling in their phone line.

In 2003 a small company called Erenis installed a fibre optic connection in our office… It was working beautifully until the company was bought up by SFR, who in 2010 wrote us a letter saying that the current fibre optic installation, did not correspond any more to their technologies, and they proposed us to downgrade to ADSL. An offer which was so good we could only refuse… I personally once had a mobile phone on SFR which was marginal better than the one from orange.

We were contacted by free in October, they promised us a fiber optic line within 8 weeks…. They called an approximative 10 times to arrange everything… And even send a technician who screwed an ugly fibre optic box on our wall…. This was 8 month ago… Now ca. 15 phone calls from us later, they say they will probably never be able to establish that connection… Should you ever be contacted by free, save yourself a lot of trouble and hang up.

After a surprisingly good start, with a very sympathetic salesperson, the reality kicked in a little bit too quickly. Of the four services they sold us… 2 mobile phones, Internet and a fixed phone, within a month they managed to establish only the two mobile phones… For the Internet they have so far send two technicians who each explained for two hours why they were not capable of doing the job they came to do… Well we are still waiting to be connected…

To be continued…